Women’s Pocket Watches

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Women’s Pocket Watches

Women’s pocket watches were made for two reasons. One was to tell time and the second to look good on a woman. Men had pockets to put their watches in. Women had theirs around their necks. This was so they could easily tell the time. Due to the fact that everyone out saw them, the watches had to be beautiful. More like a piece of jewelry. So different shapes and sizes emerged. They were also available in gold, silver or cheaper materials so they could be offered to everyone.

The movement inside was from different countries and some told moon phases etc. The pocket watch was here to stay for the time being. A number of jeweler’s took the insides of women’s pocket watches and came up with their own creations outside. There was a race to see who could come up with a better design. The one who had them outsold the others.

Vintage Pocket Watches

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Vintage Pocket Watches
Vintage pocket watches are slowly becoming a favorite time for pocket watch collectors. This pocket watches are timeless timepieces that are worthy to invest in. They come in many designs that are truly attractive and worthy to keep. The increasing value of these pieces makes them ever more captivating. Some of these precious watches have gold coin designs and comes with 18k gold case. The price of these valuable watches can range in as little as $125 to as high as more than $3,000 and yet, there are still more that are dearer than those prices.

Buying vintage pocket watches is just like going on a journey to olden times. They are sold in recognized watch shops and the good thing is they are also available in many online watch stores that sell antique watches. These timepieces can really delight an expert’s love for beauty and appreciation of technology as well. This is an example that no matter how modern and innovative world can be there will always be precious timepieces that has the ability to take people back to old times.

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Personalized Pocket Watches

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Personalized Pocket Watches
It was an age of innovation. Someone came up with the idea that pocket watches could do more than just tell the time and look good telling it. Thus personalized pocket watches were created. They had messages or initials engraved on them. These pocket watches were popular with everyone. Companies could engrave their own messages on them to give as souvenirs or gifts. People could individually get anything they wanted engraved on them. They became very popular with lovers and were good as marriage souvenirs too. The uses were endless and it made good business sense.

Since pocket watches were such a rave in those days, this was the right thing to do to them. People got their initials put on so they could identify the watch as their own. Different scripts were used and different languages in various countries. Personalized pocket watches were as varied as the imagination was vast, to think of them.

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Men’s Pocket Watches

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Men’s Pocket Watches
The advent of men’s pocket watches came about for men to be able to tell the time wherever they were. Some were dress pocket watches and some were regular. The dress pocket watches were handsome pieces of equipment that were made as different as the person who wore them. The regular watches also had designs but they were austere. These pocket watches came from different countries so the movements were different and so were the designs in the dress pocket watches. Each one represented the country where they were from.

Men’s pocket watches were also created as memento items. Companies made their own watch designs for special occasions. Railroad companies had railroad scenes on them and oil companies had oil scenes on them. Some had designs that had no connections with a particular product or company. They were designed by individual jewelers to compete with other jewelers as to who could come up with a better design.

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Luxury Pocket Watches

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Luxury Pocket Watches

In 17th century, pocket watches were a popular accessory. Luxury pocket watches are exclusive with traditional style and unique craftsmanship. Nowadays, exquisitely crafted pocket watches are given as valuable gift to dear ones. Personalized pocket watches engraved with name and special message is considered as an elegant gift item. Gold pocket watches with various engraving styles are the most popular luxury pocket watch available today. Some of the popular luxury pocket watch collection includes silver tone pocket watches, gold tone pocket watches, sterling silver pocket watches, stainless steel pocket watches, 14 carat or 18 carat gold pocket watches, titanium pocket watches and many more.

Various type of engraving styles such as single line script, double line script, double line block, triple line block and monogram script are also some other popular magnificent pocket watches. Price of pocket watch varies with the number of jewels placed in it. You can browse and purchase a wide variety of branded luxury pocket watches through online watch stores.

Ladies Pocket Watches

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Ladies Pocket Watches

The way to describe ladies pocket watches is that they were timepieces designed around the neck, so a lady could tell the time and it looked beautiful. It was after all a piece of jewelry too. Sometimes special chains came with it or it could be used with an existing chain. They came from different countries but mainly Switzerland. These pocket watches were different in movement and design. They were available in gold, silver or other materials. The fancy ones were as varied as the necks they went on.

Some jeweler’s took the movements from good watch craftsmen and made their own designs around them. They competed against each other to see who could come up with a better ladies pocket watches design. The one who had the most popular at the time got the highest sales. The women who did not have the need to go out wore them mostly to tell the time.

Gold Pocket Watches

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Gold Pocket Watches
Gold pocket watches are strapless personal timepieces that are carried in the pocket. They are usually analog watches; in which the time display is indicated by the continuous rotating motion of two to three rotating pointers arrayed on a circular dial. These watches are precious and of high quality because of the gold component in each piece. Like all pocket watches, these items come with a chain, which can be secured to a waistcoat, lapel, or belt loop. In order to protect the face and the crystal of the clock, a hinged front cover is fastened as part of the façade of the pocket watch. These items are usually boxed in attractive cases for the purpose of safekeeping and added charm. If you are thinking of buying your loved one a present for a very special occasion, then go for gold pocket watches as they can express the deep feelings that you want to convey.

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Elgin Pocket Watches

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Elgin Pocket Watches
If you’re looking for watches that are both very stylish and could prove to be excellent investments, you should consider Elgin pocket watches.
The Elgin Company was created in 1864, so it is a tried and true company if you’re looking for a classy watch. There are many websites where you can research the current value of your Elgin watch. Since these are classic, well-built watches so it’s no wonder why many investors have seen a great return when reselling their antique Elgin pocket watches. Unfortunately, Elgin stopped producing their quality products in 1964. But, this means that if you’re in possession of an Elgin watch, you own a quality piece of history, so you’re sure to get a high return if you plan on selling it, or if you plan on keeping it, you will surely stand out with this elegant piece of craftsmanship.
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Du bois & Fils Pocket Watches

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Du bois & Fils Pocket Watches
If you’re looking to buy a quality watch, with traditional style and engineering techniques, you should look into Du bois & Fils pocket watches.
This company has been in operation since 1785, and is still owned by the original family which started the company so long ago.
These watches are constructed using methods that were utilized during the 18th century, but use the technology of today’s era.
This company takes a more subtle approach at marketing, so you will never find an ad for Du bois & Fils on any billboard or in any magazine.
This company relies on the traditional methods of their ancestors to produce and to sell their remarkable product.
These watches are truly a perfect blend of history, tradition, and elegance.
So if you want a quality watch that is both unique and interesting, you should look into Du bois & Fils pocket watches.

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Grandfather clocks history

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History of the Grandfather clock

Grandfather clocks were first discovered by Galileo in 1582. He found that you could use a pendulum to keep time. The first working grandfather clock was invented by Christian Huygens in 1656.
There were initial problems with the early models with their inaccuracy to keep proper time. They were found to lose 10 minutes in a single day. This massive problem was solved by an English man named William Clement in 1670. He worked out that by using a longer pendelum this would make the clock keep more accurate time. Hence this led to to cases of the clocks becomming a lot longer. Initially the clocks were called long case clocks which eventually changed to the name we know as grandfather clocks.
A further change was to be implemented in 1721. George Graham noticed that temperature changes affected the pendulum. A rise or fall in temperature made the clock gain or lose time. Graham solved the problem and compensated the changes into the grandfather clocks .To this date grandfather clocks are accurate to 1 second per day.
Grandfather Clocks are also known as longcase clocks, tall-case clock or floor clock. They are around 2 meters tall
Elegant and graceful is how one professor described the famous Grandfather clock back in 1831. These clocks have been the main focus in many a household dating back over 100 years. Nowadays antique Grandfather clocks are one of the most sought after buys within the antique world. http://davidshapirodmd.com/